Brian Krause (Cyrus):

Brian Krause is best known for his portrayal of white-lighter Leo Wyatt on Aaron Spelling’s popular, sci-fi program Charmed [1998-2006 / The WB] opposite Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. The actor played the ever-developing character for eight television seasons, and during the fifth season he showcased his writing skills by penning one of the episodes [Sense and Sense Ability]. In May 2006, starring in the series finale marked Krause’s 145th episode on the program.

Since completing the series, the actor has taken on a variety of television roles, including: a priest in Lifetime's Devil's Diary, a WWII Colonel in the Sci Fi Channel's Warbirds, a cryptozoologist in the Sci Fi Channel's Beyond Loch Ness, a murder suspect on CBS' CSI: Miami, a firefighter under suspicion on TNT's The Closer and a guest appearance on AMC's Mad Men. Krause will soon be seen as the title character in the independent feature Cyrus. more...

 Danielle Harris (Maria):
Harris began her professional career by appearing in television commercials while maintaining an A average at PS 117 and PS 232 in Queens, New York. Her first acting role soon followed in 1985, when she made her debut as Sammi Garretson on ABC's One Life to Live, a role she played for three years.

In 1988, she auditioned for and won the part of Jamie Lloyd (Michael Myers' niece) in the movie Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Just one year later, she would reprise the role in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. The character of Jamie returned in 1995 for Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers but Danielle did not participate due to disagreements on her fate in the script. Also, Harris requested $5000 to appear in the film (far less than she was paid for Halloween 4), but no agreement could be reached.[citation needed] J.C. Brandy ended up playing Jamie in the film, a decision with which some of the fans more...

 Lance Henriksen (Emmett):
Henriksen's first job in the theater world was as a designer of theatrical sets; in fact, he received his first role because built the set for the production. In his early 30s, Henriksen graduated from the prestigious Actors Studio and began acting in New York City's Off-Broadway theater circuit.[4] In film, he first appeared in It Ain't Easy in 1972. Henriksen went on to portray a variety of supporting roles in noteworthy genre films such as Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Damien: Omen II (1978). He also portrayed astronaut Walter Schirra in The Right Stuff (1983) and actor Charles Bronson in the 1991 TV-movie Reason for Living: The Jill Ireland Story.

Lance Henriksen as Charles Bishop Weyland in Alien vs. Predator (2004)When James Cameron was writing the movie The Terminator (1984), he had originally envisioned Henriksen playing the title role.[5] Cameron went so far as to paint a picture of the Terminator using Henriksen's face, and he had the actor dress up as the character and attend an Orion Pictures production meeting more...

 Doug Jones (Dr. Dallas):
Although known mostly for his work under prosthetic makeup, such as the zombie Billy Butcherson in the Halloween film Hocus Pocus, or the lead Spy Morlock in the 2002 remake of The Time Machine, he has also performed without prosthetics in such films as Adaptation., Mystery Men and Batman Returns, and indie projects such as Stefan Haves' Stalled, AntiKaiser Productions' Three Lives, Phil Donlon's A Series of Small Things and as 'Cesare' in David Fisher's 2005 remake of the 1919 silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. His performance as Abe Sapien in Hellboy, which opened at the top of the U.S. box office in the spring of 2004, brought him an even higher profile and much praise from audiences and critics alike. Explaining the challenge of working so often in rubber suits and prosthetics, he notes, "I have to make that a part of my being and my physicality and again, acting is a full body experience and that's a part of it when you're doing a costumed character."[2] more...

 Rae Dawn Chong (Vivian):
Chong is known for appearing in the films Quest for Fire (1981), The Color Purple (1985), Choose Me (1984), Beat Street (1984), Commando (1985), Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers (1984), and Far Out Man (1990), in the latter two appearing with her father. Chong won the Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in 1983 for Quest for Fire.

 Kim Rhodes (Dr. Albert):
Kim Rhodes is an American actress, perhaps best known for her roles as "Cindy Harrison" in two different soap opera series, Another World and As the World Turns, as well as her role as Carey Martin in the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, where she played the mother of the twins, Zack and Cody.

 Patricia Belcher (Maybelle):
Belcher has made numerous appearances in films including The Number 23, Unknown, Jeepers Creepers, and Heartbreakers. And also has made appearances in television series including Bones, Boston Legal, The Jake Effect, Twins, The Proud Family and Still Standing.

 Shawna Waldron (Chloe):
Waldron was featured in a string of successful commercial roles before landing the part of Becky "Icebox" O'Shea, the only girl on an all-boys football team, in the movie Little Giants. Little Giants is considered her first feature film debut (the film The New Kid, in which she also acted, has never been released).

After starring in Little Giants, Waldron went on to play Michael Douglas' daughter in the movie The American President. Waldron's first television role was in the pilot for CBS's "Morning Glory". She then guest-starred on the series "Malony" in which she played the dramatic role of a teen who had witnessed a murder.

Waldron was nominated for Best Performance in a TV comedy series, Supporting Young Actress category from the Twentyfirst Annual Young Artist Awards for 1998-1999.

 Tiffany Shepis (Cyrus' Mother):
Tiffany Shepis is an American scream queen from New York City, who has been involved in film-making since the age of 12. She got her start in Troma Entertainment's Tromeo and Juliet.

In 2004, she also had a memorable appearance in the independent comedy The Deviants as Marina the Nudist. Her most recent films include Dorm of the Dead, Bonnie and Clyde Meet Dracula, Basement Jack, Nightmare Man, and Chainsaw Cheerleaders.

 Anne Marie Leighton (Vicky):
Born and raised on a farm in a small town in eastern Washington, Anne found her love for performing as a ballet and jazz dancer.  At age eleven, she was chosen by Parisian choreographer Jean Paul to appear in his production of The Nutcracker during their US tour.  In her early teens, her family moved to the Middle East, and while attending the British Academy, Anne performed in numerous stage productions, including Nicholas Nickelby, Smike and Grease.  After graduating with her BA from the University of Washington, Anne moved to New York and continued to dance at Steps On Broadway, as well as study and perform with The Barrow Group Theatre Company.  Film credits include Eric Schaffer’s Never Again, starring Jill Clayburg, Jeffrey Tambor and Sandy Duncan, and for ABC’s At Home, directed by Gary Donatelli.  Anne’s career brought her to L.A. where she accepted the role of Lynn in Eyad Zahra’s 2008 film, The Taqwacores, starring Noureen Dewulf. 

 Tony Yalda (Tom):
It was in Chicago that Tony caught the acting bug. His first theatrical experience was in high school (Amundsen) when he played Androcles in Androcles and the Lion. But, it was the role of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet that sparked Tony to pursue a career in the arts.

Like most young aspiring actors, Tony enrolled in a college that would provide him with the skills necessary to develop a career in show business. He attended DePaul University's Theatre School where he studied Theatre for two years before transferring to Roosevelt University's Theatre Conservatory. At Roosevelt, Tony was trained in improv, Stanislavsky method, and Meisner technique under the guidance of Ted Hoerl. Once his course curriculum with Mr. Hoerl was completed Tony made the decision to more...

 Aris Mendoza (Tina):
Originally from Chicago, Aris Mendoza moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was sixteen. She immediately fell in love with the stage while playing the role of "Adelaide" in her high school production of "Guys and Dolls." Barely out of school, she began her professional acting career in "Quinceanera", which won both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival (it was later distributed by Sony Pictures Classics). In 2007, she returned to Sundance as a member of the ensemble cast of "Weapons" starring opposite Paul Dano and Nick Cannon.

She continues to show her versatility this year with the independent feature "The Take" starring opposite John Leguizamo and Tyrese Gibson, and has a recurring role on the critically acclaimed CW series "Everybody Hates Chris". Her other television credits include NBC shows "Life" and "Crossing Jordan".